[f_minor] Thanks & another question re Acoustic Orchestrations

Ted Geller t.geller at rogers.com
Sun Jun 23 18:16:48 MDT 2013

Thanks to all for the info, links to reviews, etc., re: GG - The Acoustic Orchestrations.  Most helpful.  I've got an order in at Amazon and should be receiving a copy this coming week -- can't wait!  

But here's another question: the promo material indicates that there are tracks on the disc for making your own mix of the Scriabin -- a very Gouldian idea -- has anyone tried this?  Does it work on any platform? (I work on a Mac and have been frustrated at times in the past with bundled material intended only for Windows machines).  I'll find out for myself in a few days, I guess, but I'm wondering whether anyone has tried to do a mix and whether it has been relatively easy to do.  

thanks again, 
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