[f_minor] Thanks & another question re Acoustic Orchestrations

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Dear All,

I have good news. On behalf of the Glenn Gould Estate / Glenn Gould Limited, we are working on a Glenn Gould Remix Album.  As I write this, we are putting together a "Glenn Gould Kit", which we will be giving to producers and musicians to create their own pieces.  This is a project that is being led by Sandbox Music Entertainment (Sam Pereira, Billy Iannaci, and Andrew Testa)  and we are thrilled to be part of this.

We should have our first 'single' to share within the next couple of weeks, with more news to follow.

We love the idea of opening this up to others to play, so we will figure out how to make that happen as well.  More news will be added to our website shortly.  (It is not fully functional yet.)

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.  More to follow.


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Hi Ted, all
That would be awesome indeed – and Sony should have had summet like this 
for his 80th. 
The times when communication from musician to audience was linear and 
one-sided are over. Of course it is silly to muse on such things but I reckon GG 
would have liked what is happening today with musicians like Brian Eno, Kimiko 
Ishizaka, Böjrk etc. and their interactive music apps, podcasts, concert 
webstreams, blogs and whatsnots. Bloody shame he never got to see that, too much 
Valium I reckon...
Ted, I dunno if you are aware of this but during the late 90s, when 
dinosaurs still roamed the earth and “multimedia interactivity” was the new buzz 
word that would have shocked someone like McLuhan someone produced release 
candidates of a GG CD-ROM. Amongst other things you could indeed remix the 
opening trio of IoN. There are still copies floating about in collector circles 
I reckon...but it would be nice to have something like a GG app and we also 
heard that The Foundation has some plans in that direction. Let’s see what the 
future brings...qui vivra, verra ! 
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  Thanks for the info Pat, 

the files are in WAV format then it should be pretty easy: import the files into 
a multitrack program, line them up, and away you go.  And I think you're 
right, Sony should feature this on one of their websites -- hold a Gould remix 
contest or something.  

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Thanks & another question re Acoustic Orchestrations

Hi Ted, list
According to the info on the back of the CD the files will be in wav. 
format. A digital audio workstation like i. e.  ProLogic should be able to 
handle these files for Mac users.
There is also a PDF which will give you detailed instructions I reckon. 
There are many digital audio workstations and samplers out there both for 
Windows, Ubuntu and Mac users, just ask if you want to know more.
I for one am quite pleased about this and looking forward to try and 
“remix” GG. And I encourage anyone who is interested to do the same. It would 
also be most interesting to fiddle around with the masters of the opening trio 
for IoN, but ya can’t ‘ave it all...
I do know that musos like David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails have given their 
fans the possiblity to upload their remixes to the respective websites, I wonder 
if Sony plans something similar...
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Subject: [f_minor] Thanks & another question re Acoustic 
  Thanks to all for the info, links to reviews, etc., re: GG - The Acoustic 
Orchestrations.  Most helpful.  I've got an order in at 
Amazon and should be receiving a copy this coming week -- can't wait!  
here's another question: the promo material indicates that there are tracks on 
the disc for making your own mix of the Scriabin -- a very Gouldian idea -- has 
anyone tried this?  Does it work on any platform? (I work on a Mac and have 
been frustrated at times in the past with bundled material intended only for 
Windows machines).  I'll find out for myself in a few days, I guess, but 
I'm wondering whether anyone has tried to do a mix and whether it has been 
relatively easy to do.  
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