[f_minor] GG - The Acoustic Orchestrations - Scriabin & Sibelius

Ted Geller t.geller at rogers.com
Wed Jun 19 15:25:38 MDT 2013


I'm new to this list, so I'm not sure what the protocol is, but I have a question: does anyone here know anything about a recent release on Sony Classical called, "Glenn Gould - The Acoustic Orchestrations"?  

I came across a video on YouTube that contains a brief, voice-over intro by Gould followed by a real-time depiction of a multitrack mix of his recording of the Scriabin Sonata #5 -- really interesting! -- and it sounds quite different from the version released years ago.  Here's the link: 


Apart from the promotional blurb on Amazon, I can't seem to find out much more about the release.  I've had a preliminary look at the f-minor archive but don't see any discussion of it here either (mind you, I could have easily missed something).  Does anyone have any background information on the Scriabin recording?  Are the Sibelius tracks new as well or are they reissues?  Has there been any previous discussion of the disc on this list (or elsewhere)?  

Any info would be much appreciated, 
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