[f_minor] GG: A Romance on 3 Legs Audiobook

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Tue Jun 11 06:46:23 MDT 2013

Dear all

I herewith confess: I am a Lazy Bastard. Because I just love Audiobooks. If it is a good story, the narrator knows what he or she is doing then this stuff is absolutely perfect for commuting, long train rides, doing stuff ‘round the house etc. it will give you a different point of view and the possibilty to multitastk. You can frown however you want, but audiobooks are a good addition to normal reading.

(GG himself would have been a good narrator, I like that pseudo-Rod Sterling voice he has and he did read some chapters of a book for the CBC methinks.)

You probably read about the fact that recently a semi-direct essay on GG called A Romance on Three Legs about him and CD318 was released. I was just looking for new stuff over at audible, entered the name GG – and to my surprise I found this:

Dunno if it is any good yet, but I thought I share this finding anyway. Please also consult yer amazons and iTunes for availabilty.

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