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michael macelletti mmacelletti at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 25 12:20:23 MDT 2013

Subject: off-track

things have been a bit quiet lately, so i thought i'd make a listening 
recommendation, albeit somewhat off-track. the new remastered solti  wagner 
 ring , in the super deluxe edition, is really fabulous.  ( " greatest recording 
of all time ",  bbc music magazine 2012 . )    truly a win-win.   although a 
little pricey ,  it'll probably soon be out of print anyway.   and maybe this 
isn't so off-subject.  gould's wagner interpretations are not too far removed in 
spirit from the great bayreuth festspielhause conductors such as knappertsbusch 
and furtwangler  from the '50's.  he must have been familiar with their 
( and horowitz probably wouldn't have liked their wagner either, i bet.  )
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