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Many people are starting to wonder, what happens to Glenn Gould and his legacy, beyond his eightieth birthday?  On behalf of Glenn Gould Limited, I am happy to tell you that there is a lot going on!
 For starters, let me introduce you to The Uninvited Guests.
 As Gould stated,
At the center of the technological debate, then, is a new kind of listener – a listener more participant in the musical experience.  He is also, of course, a threat, a potential usurper of power, an uninvited guest at the banquet of the arts, one whose presence threatens the familiar hierarchical setting of the musical establishment.
- Glenn Gould, The Prospects of Recording
 The Uninvited Guests, developed by Sandbox Entertainment Group, is bringing new energy to Gould’s ideas and music through thought provoking videos and their Glenn Gould Remix Project.  They are in the studio now, creating new Gouldian mixes, and adapting Gould’s own concepts on recording.  They are not classically trained musicians, so watching their discovery of Gould’s music and their passion to share his music and ideas it is contagious. 
Pledge Music, a crowdfunding website connected to social media networks, is helping to raise funds so that Sam Pereira, Billy Iannaci, and Andrew Testa (Sandbox Entertainment) can continue to create their music and videos.   I hope that you will take part in the discussion about this new “Gould Variation.”    To become a “Pledge Follower”, please connect here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/glenngould
For a sneak peek of what is to come, click here: 


Or Here:  http://www.theuninvitedguestsmusic.com/#!about/c10fk

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