[f_minor] Gould with Beethoven (was "Gould and Rachmaninoff")

Brad Lehman bpl at umich.edu
Thu Jul 15 08:47:32 EDT 2010

On 7/15/2010 8:03 AM, Cline, Eric wrote:
> I would love to have had recordings of the Beethoven piano sonatas
> Op.81a and Op.101. We have an old CBC recording of Op.101 but I read
> somewhere that he used to play Op.81a in concerts and really liked it.
> Also I think he performed the Beethoven Triple concerto (St. Louis?) and
> I would have enjoyed hearing him in that work too.

There's a concert list in the back of the Ostwald book.  I see only one 
listing for the Triple Concerto in there (but, I read it quickly, and 
someone should re-check): in St Louis, February 1961, when he played all 
five concertos and this across a series of three concerts.  I didn't see 
any listing for 81a ("Les adieux").

The book has only one indexed entry for 81a, where it says in passing 
that he liked the piece.

There's probably more about all this by Bazzana and others, elsewhere.

I wonder how Gould would have interpreted the violin-concerto transcription!

Brad Lehman

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