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To Will Geisner,

Strange that I cannot recall Gould's final live concert programme being given in detail in any of the books I've read on GG's life and career. Why hasn't a photocopy of the original "programme" been published in one of the biographies? Has it?

Just to add a bit to Karl Berry's e-mail, I found this sent by "Jim Morrison" Fminor 2000:


This may be of interest - it certainly is splendid:


which I found through: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/glenn-gould/1964/wilshire-ebell-theatre-los-angeles-ca-bcf4dde.html 

Don't laugh: I telephoned the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in L.A. today for information on GG's April 10th, 1964 concert programme - my co-ordinates will be given to the "Archivists Dept.". I'll certainly let you know how that works out... I promise.

Je suis Charlie,

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	  I am working on an article on Glenn Gould and I have a question. Is 
there a recording of the April 10, 1964 concert Gould gave in Los 
Angeles at the Wilshire Ebell? In addition to the Beethoven Opus 110 and the Hindemith 3th Sonata, do we know which four fugues he 
played from the Art of the Fugue that night?

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