[f_minor] Jun'ichi Miyazawa fiasco

Yoshiyuki Mukudai mukudaiyoshiyuki at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:15:27 MST 2015

I got rude message from a member called Mattew Harding,

Here is the entire body (he is not hiding his name, but he would refuse to
write (type) it down)
I found your comment on f_minor to be very offensive, both against Junichi
Miyazawa as well as against the rest of this list.

Do you dislike him personally?

I don’t want to get into an argument with you on f_minor, so if you want to
disagree, please feel free to do so on my personal email.

I wonder why you would post such a message?

If making Corrections on what is sold is offensive, you must go back to Zoltán
Kodály kindergarden.
That certain Jun'ichi Miyazawa is well known for his rudeness (and by now
for his limited knowledge about his work field (as well as his tiresome
routine work from which he got much money) and has been offensive to me for
more than decade.

Now you've got an idea.
Never e-mail me again without writing your name in the body of it, which is
called rudeness of you.
Most part of my post is very basics to any of Glenn Gould scholars like Tim
Page, but Tim could't
answer. This is something. Has Tim enough credibility to murmur any words
about Glenn Gould?
I wonder. Hope that Tim is different from Jun'ichi Miyazawa.

So, go back to Zoltán Kodály Kindergarden, Matthew.
Yoshiyuki Mukudai
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