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Mary, thank you for your reply.

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> Thank you for the holiday cheer and cheers to you !!
> In partial answer to your e-mail: I have no first hand knowledge of the
> quality of the translations Miyazawa has done of Gould's material but it is
> interesting to learn from you that there are such errors. I have found some
> in the Bruno Monsaingeon translations of Gould into French, not many but
> they are there. It used to annoy me dreadfully; I understand your
> frustration especially since, as you rightly point out, Miyazawa is vaunted
> as the Gould Expert-Specialist in Japan.
Yes, Mary. He is arrogant. That's is more worse than just being innocent.

> I just have to laugh at the thought of a mini-series: "Six Wives of Gregor
> Samsa". Sometimes I forget what Gouldian humour is/was.  As for "A Fjord in
> Your Future" our GG certainly had Ford in his present: Ford Presents "The
> Creative Performer", a series starring Leonard Bernstein and a super star
> cast of 'guests' including Igor Stravinsky, Glenn Gould to name only two...
> and OF COURSE it was The Ford Foundation which provided the funding for PBL
> with whom GG filmed his "How Mozart Became A Bad Composer".

Did you notice that Glenn was playing with Leonard Bernstein's The
Unanswered Question?
In this case Gregor Samsa and Pastoral Symphony.

Every good wish to you all for 2015!

Yoshiyuki Mukudai
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