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The Jewish Daily Forward
New York City USA
Tuesday 17 May 2011

'Bach' to the Future With Wanda Landowska

The Reforms and Rebellions of the Harpsichord's 20th-Century Champion

by A.J. Goldmann

Berlin, Germany -- When Virgil Thomson saw Wanda Landowska perform at New York's Town Hall in 1942, he wrote in the New York Herald-Tribune, "She plays the harpsichord better than anybody else ever plays anything." The same year, The New Yorker's Robert Simon added: "When I've heard Mme. Landowska play harpsichord music, the same music has never seemed as convincing when I heard it afterward on a piano. Her playing is the last word on a composition."

Landowska, the Polish-Jewish musician and educator sometimes called the "rediscoverer of the harpsichord," is the subject of a loving new exhibit at the Bach House, in Eisenach ...

full story: http://forward.com/articles/137858/

A.J. Goldmann is a regular contributor to the Forward. He lives in Berlin.

Memories of Wanda Landowska is on display at the Bach House Eisenach until November 13.

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