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I seem to remember that the BBC has a deal with the british equivalent of the RIAA that allows them to use as much music as they want in their shows.

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Thanks to Pat who put me straight on who played the Goldberg snippet in the film Silence of The Lambs. It has been a long time since I saw it (on tv) and I really should have verified the 'official soundtrack' before writing anything at all about it. If memory serves, the 'Goldberg' portion of the soundtrack was quite brief: the non-rhotic cannibal was being held in a barred enclosure inside some sort of large portion of a state courthouse and he was having dinner. Have I got it right?

As to the question of how much it costs to employ GG's original music as opposed to Jerry Zimmerman:
tell me then how does the BBC get a discount? I am talking about the BBC series "Sensitive Skin" Season 2 starring Joanna Lumley which has featured plenty of Gould's recordings, have a look for yourself:

Episodes 1 and 6 Gould's Bach Concerto in D Minor and Episode 2 from the English Suites:


How many thousands of pounds were paid in Sony royalties? Somebody please give me a rough estimate because none of this makes any sense to me. 

Why is it that Absolutely Fabulous, The Office and now Sensitive Skin have to be 'translated'' into remakes for American audiences? When I was a young girl in America I watched The Avengers and Journey To The Unknown just as handily as any Canadian kid. I say Canadian because of North America, those brilliant divertissements came fron the UK and we all seemed to 'get it' without any remakes. I am of course completely underplaying the fact that we 'got' exotic, it wasn't 'us' and we still got it. So sheesh, why must it all be translated into "American" now for American audiences? It is all devo now. Devolution. 

 I have never digested the James Dean/Marlon Brando comparisons put forth by Bazzana and Page which have now become the NY Times LA Times Chicago Whatever Seattle Whatsover buzzphrase for Glenn Gould. Do you really think so? The James Dean of Bach? The Marlon Brando of Mozart? Codswallop. Here's another left handed lanky performer not mentioned by Bazzana and Page:


Mary Jensen


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