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Hello Stephanie, what I spoke to the Canadian tuba player about at the Swiss bus stop was the Last Will and Testament of Glenn Gould as reported by Mr. Stephen Posen who was Gould's lawyer and who is the present Director of the Glenn Gould Estate although there is also considerable participation from certain representatives of $ony Cla$$ical Mu$ic now in the picture as well. The Canadian tuba player told me that he plays for The Salvation Army Band. The Salvation Army receives 50% of Gould's fortune, the other 50% going to The Toronto Humane Society for the Protection of Animals. 

Kate, you have seen that photo before. Have a look at the cd cover from your Original Jacket Collection disc no. 17 Bach Partitas 3, 4, 7. "Cover photo Columbia Records Photo Studio - Henry Parker". 

Speaking of photos, it's the rarely seen Ormond Gigli photo of Gould in a fire engine red sweater that commands a certain amount of attention. Of course, my pleasure:


Mary Jensen
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