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And here is another article 
_http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/26/arts/music/26gould.html_ (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/26/arts/music/26gould.html) 
- check out the picture of Glenn Gould - I have never seen  this photograph!
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Hi Mary and all!
It's still September 25th in the US and Canada as I write  this email and 
so with that let us celebrate the 78th anniversary of Glenn  Gould's birthday 
- I am listening to my favorite GG album featuring  Sibelius! Anyway,  here 
is an Amazon site with his picture 
(http://www.amazon.com/Grieg-Bizet-Sibelius-Piano-Works/dp/B0000028O3)  . 
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It's already turned  Sunday 26th where I am (memo to self: must vote before 
11:00) but where a  lot of you are it's still Glenn Gould's 78th birthday.

"Guess what happened  to me today?"

Saturday evening September 25th "La Nuit des Musees",  I attended a concert 
of chamber music played on instruments from the 19th  century and a Paul 
McNulty fortepiano. After the concert I walked to my bus  stop and found a man 
waiting there with a tuba case in tow. We spoke, as one  will do, and to my 
utter astonishment it turned out that he is from Winnipeg  and plays with 
The Salvation Army Band. Well you could have knocked me over  with a feather. 
Far far away from Canada there he stood waiting for a bus -  an unwitting 
recipient of Gould's posthumous largesse (I assume he receives  some sort of 
salary). Of course I spoke to him of the Glenn Gould 50/50  "unfortunate 
people and unfortunate animals" last will and testament about  which he knew 
nothing at all. Strange that. 

I listened to Haydn  played on a fortepiano earlier this evening in a small 
room with parquet  floor and wooden ceiling (an unfortunate honey bee 
happened to be trapped  inside with us, flying from chandelier to chandelier) and 
the gorgeous  perfume of wood wax-oil in my nostrils. I'm listening to 
Gould's Haydn The  Six Last Sonatas now and there's no question that Haydn would 
have played  this double lp over and over again and would have wanted more. 
I really wish there  was more. 

We're always making plans for Glenn Gould.

Mary Jensen


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