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Balakirev's "Islamey" is said to be extremely difficult:


Best regards,


On 30 August 2010 09:37, Houpt, Fred <fred.houpt at rbc.com> wrote:

>  I am glad someone read the article, which I posted for several reasons.
> First, GG's first big grand was a Steinway, that he used to do the Goldberg
> (1) on.  Second, I love grand's, and sold pianos back in the 1980's for a
> short time at the downtown Eaton's Centre.  Third, because it was a bit odd
> to see such a large number of pianos involved.
> I also (now) just wanted to share a musical journey.  I had heard a Ravel
> piece on the internet radio and thought, well why don't I print off the "La
> Valse" and take it home.  I did and it took me I would guess about 30
> minutes (maybe I'm exaggerating) to actually play all the notes.  I can
> easily say that the piano two hand version is in the top 10 of the most
> difficult pieces I have ever tried to make my way into.  So complex and now
> I fully understand why it is a show piece for people like GG, Marc Andre
> Hamelin and other virtuosos.  It is wonderfully colored and fabulously
> evocative music.  I have not played Godowsky (spelling?) or other Hamelin
> specialties (of the most difficult composers) but this Ravel is a
> challenge.
> We should think of creating our own favorite "hardest piano music"......and
> compare notes.  I'm a bit busy right now but this might be a fun
> idea....when it is quiet here.
> Best regards,
> Fred Houpt
> (mea culpa - I still have not yet visited GG's grave....bad form on my
> part)
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