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Wed Aug 18 19:56:43 EDT 2010

You're absolutely right Pat, Gould is quoted as saying of 'A Consort of Musicke' "the best damn record we've ever made.".
You're absolutely right Brad, Gould purportedly wore out successive copies of a particular album by The Deller Consort. Which one? Where did I read that?
You're absolutely right Bob. Some time ago in these pages Fred Houpt wrote some great things about that album. 
I came across this terse little review somewhere:
"I know, pianos were not there when
these musics were delighting people’s ears all around Europe, still I
think this record is worth a try. Glenn Gould was a sheer universal
genius: here each voice of these splendid polyphonics is so perfectly
clear that I think this record should be used in classrooms too."

Mary Jensen


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