[f_minor] Finally - Inner Genius soon to be in US and a letter

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
Wed Aug 18 16:42:26 EDT 2010

Hello Katherine,
> See link below for Glenn Gould writing a response to the letter he 
> received by the Grade 8 student Debbie Barker (you might have seen 
> this before/read this before of what Gould would bring to a desert 
> island - he answers Bach - but, in light of the recent 
> Tureck/Polllni/Landowska flurry of interesting emails, who would he 
> listen to on that island??)
> http://www.delhinewsrecord.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2718348
I think he would choose something without a piano/harpsichord/organ. 
Perhaps the B minor Mass... He had plans to record it as a conductor, 
but alas never had the chance to start that project. His desert island 
version would probably be some kind of composite interpretation.


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