[f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

Brad Lehman bpl at umich.edu
Thu Aug 12 10:50:03 EDT 2010

Yes, Mary Jo would be the one to have a transcript, if anyone does.  If 
I recall, from a brief look at some part of her work years ago, she had 
some way of tracking all the interconnections of the speeches, as well; 
not only a straightforward script.

For the related documentary "The Quiet in the Land" from the Solitude 
Trilogy, I did at least an outline as part of my review for a journal 
... 14 years ago:

Brad Lehman

On 8/11/2010 12:18 PM, pzumst wrote:
> G'day all
> Didn't our MC and list master godess Mary Jo write a thesis with a
> transcript on IoN ? I thought that said transcript woud be in the
> f_minor archive but I was wrong and search engines are not our friend in
> this case. National Library of Canada maybe ? I also seem to remember
> that the CBC has a sort of transcript service where IoN was available.
> Didn't GG himselfe wrote a transcript on which the tapes were cut ? A
> simple request from France and no solution in shght...
> Pat
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> *Subject:* [f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?
> An odd request has dropped from out of the blue ...
> A gentleman from France has asked if there exists a transcript (best in
> e-format, but he'd be thrilled with a physical publication) of all the
> dialogue in "The Idea of North."
> His English is iffy (probably about as good as my French) and he's
> frustrated that he's missing too much by just listening to ION.
> Any help?
> Bob
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