[f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

James Wright gzarlino at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 13:14:51 EDT 2010

I have not seen a full transcript, but I believe that one exists.  I wiill investigate, and I might be abler to help out with this.   I also speak French quite fluently.





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Subject: Re: [f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

Hi !

I am French from France, and probably I can help him
My English is also terrible !

bien cordialement,
<tsmoth at wanadoo.fr>

Le 11 août 10 à 17:07, Robert Merkin a écrit :

An odd request has dropped from out of the blue ...
A gentleman from France has asked if there exists a transcript (best in e-format, but he'd be thrilled with a physical publication) of all the dialogue in "The Idea of North."
His English is iffy (probably about as good as my French) and he's frustrated that he's missing too much by just listening to ION.
Any help?

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