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Indeed GG credits Tureck with having greatly ifluenced his playing of Bach. You can find one of these instances in Jonathan Cott's interviews ("Conversations with Glenn Gould"): "I did like Tureck's recordings enormously - Tureck influenced me...she was the first person who played Bach in what seemed to me a sensible way...playing of such uprightness".
 Cheers, Elaine

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Believe me, I'm not going to be banging on about this forever but if while you're listening to this you are not also in mind of Gould's 1981-82 recording then pardon me but you haven't listened to Gould's second Goldberg. 
Microsoft hotmail has does something bizarre by offering a little video box at the beginning of each email which I did not ask for. Forget that box and go to the hyperlink instead.


Mary Jensen    
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