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Hi Mary - did you get my emails with the magazine scans?


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On 2010-07-29, at 6:28 PM, maryellen jensen wrote:

> Late to this discussion but I ask myself where is Brad Lehmann? Most likely on vacation somewhere very pleasant...and good to be there too. If I am not mistaken, if the legend is in fact true, the young J.S. Bach was severely reprimanded by his cousin for copying out Vivaldi scores while the family was asleep...Somebody please help me with this! When DJ Panda was desperately searching for the composer of a bit of Baroque miel (honey, in the best sense of what honey is) it could only be Vivaldi. I'm gonna supply a link to a great site now and then ask myself why my favorite Gould never travelled further down this specific road...and I'm going to give a nod to those who have postulated that Gould could not, did not, play the modern equivalents of ancient instruments aptly. Let's just face it: Gould loved his pianos. He didn't just play that instrument he lovedHIS instruments. He made it abundantly clear all through his sweet short life so please once and for all let's just take him at his word: Gould Played Piano. Gould had such a symbiotic relationship with the piano that it takes a very, very broadminded and open-minded, intuitive, intelligent, educated (I am an autodidact) sort of listener to follow where he goes at times and I say BRAVO to that because Gould blew the the lid off of a sterility that was threatening to set in upon keyboard virtuosos on stage (which he simply 'dumped') and on record - and by 'record' I mean 'lp' which for anyone who may not be a member of AARP or Pro Senectute (European 50 somethings) still means 'long play'. For what it's worth, Gould really did try to turn the tide on what it is to be a "performer" a "virtuoso"...he was a "creative performer"...at least I think that's what Bernstein said in the now ridiculously infamous and misunderstood pre-Brahms commentaire, correct me if I'm wrong. So now for DJ Panda and anyone else who is interested: explore this site but I'm afraid it's a bit poorer in content than it was a couple of years ago:
> http:///www.ilseminariomusicale.com/index.php
> Mary Jensen

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