[f_minor] Question of Instrument

DJ Were-Panda vnvlain at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 19:00:12 EDT 2010

At the GG Gathering in 1999, I was able to play a little GG's Chickering
piano that was on display at the CBC Studio.  The action is nice and light,
a very nice feel for Bach.  I can see why GG loved it so much...the sound
was light but not shrilled, and it is so rare to find pianos with such a
nice light action.  Steinway grands tend to have a heavier action for that
brighter, concert sound.  A Chickering is definitely much more inviting and
less intimidating.

However, I would love to play on GG's CD 318 (pre or post drop...I'm not
picky ;).

Btw, it was a real pleasure to meet Verne Equis at the Gathering, GG's piano
tuner and friend.

Cheers, DJWP
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