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touche !  i stand duly reprimanded.  and  may we all be equally happy with our 
beliefs !       it's what keeps us going in this very sad world.     -   take 

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Thou fiend!!!!  To belittle said Babs to a mere hack pop  artist, is sacrilege.  
If I could invoke Moe of the Three stooges, you'd  have a cream pie on it's way. 
It is quite true that she was a pop star but  before that she was a Broadway 
star.  She is also a talented writer,  producer and director.  She is entirely 
built of different material than  the divine Ella or others in the jazz field.  
In my view I could not live  without Babs or Ella, both divas in their own 
Speaking so disdainfully as you have about merely having millions  of fans (as 
if this was normal) so too did Pavarotti, and no one could argue  that it 
lessened his talent, despite his choices of repertoire.  To be  loved by 
millions does mean that you've hit the mark in some way and sheer  numbers as 
you allude to, do not make for much of any argument.  I mean,  Motley  Crew 
probably has a fair number of fans but I would not foist their  noise on any 
sentient being, despite what their ill bred fans think.    Good heavens, perish 
the thought.....
Babs might have pretentions from time to time but in her field,  among her 
colleagues, she is known as a very thorough professional, although  given to 
being a control freak, her work generally comes about in a very  satisfying 
manner, with few faux pas to show for it. Rather than say that  Barbara just 
merely sang the best, I would argue as would her fans that her  voice stands up 
on its own and need not be compared to Schwarzkopf, another  singer that GG 
quite admired.  

It is like comparing two totally different alcohol drinks.....the  end result 
will always reflect the tastes of the individual.  


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 I know that Barbra has millions of fans but that doesn't make her much 
different  from other pop artists, some of whom are truly dreadful,who also have 
millions  of fans. adulation would be better placed with Ella Fitzgerald,Lena 
Horne or  Mabel Mercer. At least they didn't have any pretensions aiming at 
idolatry. They  simply sang the best of their genre.


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