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RubatoM at aol.com RubatoM at aol.com
Tue Jul 13 12:48:39 EDT 2010

I have been quite reluctant to join Facebook.   It seems to be geared to 
children or adolescents.   However, many people, including my elderly husband, 
enjoy it.   One of our friends from Key West, however, had her information 
picked up by a scam artist.   This criminal wrote to us saying that he was 
our friend, asking for help with an emergency and needing several thousand 
dollars to get out of a dingerous country.   We were sceptical, of course, 
checked it out with the KW police and found our friend to be completely safe at 

This may be a rare occurance, but another reason I have stayed away from 
this "service".   I am also a former teacher and I would prefer not to be 
found by many of   my former students, several of whom are serving long prison 

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